The history of the PC Gaming Show

E3 has always included PC games, but back when the only big press conferences came from console manufacturers and publishers like EA and Ubisoft, PC-related news always came second to the needs of console marketing budgets. But PC gaming isn’t just a way to make console games look prettier—it’s a distinct platform with its own games, genres, and subcultures. And with PC gaming experiencing a new golden age in the 2010s, it began to feel downright absurd that our favorite platform didn’t have a stage of its own at E3.

For years we dreamed about what that PC-centric E3 show would look like. Finally, in 2015 we stopped dreaming and made it a reality, and the PC Gaming Show was born. Here’s a brief history of the show, and a little tease of what to expect this year.

2015: The first (and longest) PC Gaming Show

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