Minecraft Dungeons secret level: All Minecraft Dungeons runes locations

Heard about the Minecraft Dungeons secret level you might have missed? Over the course of the game’s nine core levels, Mojang’s hack and slasher is nice and accessible; A fun, simple way for people of all ages to get a taste of the addictive Diablo formula. However, when you take into account the secret underground worlds, collectable runes, and hidden levels, there’s more to it than meets the eye.

I’m not going to go into this extra-special surprise until the end just in case you’ve managed to avoid them so far, but below I’ve listed each one of the nine Minecraft Dungeons runes locations in case you’re missing what you need to see the special level. I’m not referring to the five other secret levels, but the one you can only access after beating the game once. So, let’s get started: Here’s where to find all the runes you need, and how to get into the super secret level in Minecraft Dungeons.

Minecraft Dungeons secret level: How to get in

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