Legends of Runeterra is getting multiple new game modes very soon

Legends of Runeterra is the best CCG on PC (or mobile for that matter). I sometimes feel like I’m shouting into the void when I say that, but months after I reviewed it I’m still playing the League of Legends card game spin-off almost daily. But, starting in June and extending to July and onwards, there’s going to be a lot more reasons to play. Big updates are coming to Legends of Runeterra, starting with two major new game modes, seasonal events with cosmetic rewards, and, of course, new cards.

Announced in a new video by executive producer Jeff Jew and design director Andrew Yip, the first major update coming to Legends of Runeterra is a month away, when Gauntlets are released on June 26. These new competitive modes are time-limited and will typically run during the weekends, introducing new deck-building rules to encourage players to step up their theorycrafting. The first Gauntlet, starting on June 26, will actually just be a test run with standard rules, but once the system is up and going Riot will add a second Gauntlet mode where players have to build decks with a limit of one type of card. No duplicates.

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