‘GTA V’ Is Free On PC Right Now, Here’s How To Download It On Epic Games Store

Update 5/14: Sure enough, the rumors were true. We mostly had this confirmed when Epic accidentally tweeted out the announcement last night before deleting it, but it went live at 11:00 AM Eastern, meaning that it’s free for anyone with a PC that wants it.

As with all other free games on Epic, there’s really no catch. It will be free for two weeks, and once you redeem it, it’s yours: you don’t even need to download it. All you need to do is download the Epic Games Launcher—you might already have it from playing Fortnite—and then navigate over to the store. Once you’re there, you can’t miss it: just click on the icon and redeem it.

I’d recommend doing this even if your computer isn’t up to actually playing GTA 5: the game is yours anyways, and so it will be ready for you in case you ever get hardware powerful enough to make it work. A free game is a free game, and there’s really no reason not to go get it.

Update 2: The Epic Games Store is having some technical trouble after this release.

Original Story:

GTA V may have just left its stint on game pass, but it seems like we might be getting another chance to pick it up for free, and soon, according to a rumor. Epic Games has been giving out free games on its PC store since it launched, but it’s giving us an unusual amount of hype for whatever is coming tomorrow, May 14, listing it as a “mystery game” and giving us a countdown until when it will be available. It stands to reason it would be something big.

Game Pressure is currently reporting an anonymous source that says that this mystery game will be GTA V. It would arguably be a bigger deal than the game coming to Game Pass, because once you download a free game from Epic, it’s yours to keep. While we take this rumor and all such rumors with a grain of salt, this one would seem to make a certain sort a sense.

GTA V still sells a huge number of retail copies, but microtransactions in GTA Online are a big part of how Rockstar makes money. A good number of those downloads have to be from people who would not have bought the game anyways, bringing even more people into the already impressive GTA Online network. There’s an absolute ton of stuff to do in the game right now, and it’s easy to imagine quarantined gamers snatching it up. Rockstar has shown its willingness to give the thing away with Game Pass, and so Epic wouldn’t be a gigantic leap.

And we remember, too, that GTA 6 is out there, at some stage in development, and that the day will eventually come when it actually comes out. It might be years from now, or it might not be. Regardless, GTA 5 is the best tool Rockstar has in its arsenal to hype GTA 6, even if GTA 6 might not actually need all that much hyping, at the end of the day. It makes good sense to keep the game as present as possible, for as long as possible.

We’ll see what happens tomorrow. If so, it would definitely do what the free game program is supposed to do: drive a whole bunch more people to the Epic Games Store, and get them to open the launcher on a regular basis with a popular game.The controversy surrounding the Epic Games Store seems to have died down, to a certain degree, but the free games have quietly constituted one of the most staggeringly generous programs on the industry: I’ve gotten dozens of games small and large without paying a dime, and my Epic library is now stacked to the gills with games. Games I’ve never played, admittedly, but still.

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