Destiny 2’s Twitter has posted an ominous sound file that’s almost certainly about a new alien race

Early concept art of from Destiny 1 of the ‘Pyramid Ships’. (Image credit: Bungie)

I thought last night’s This Week at Bungie blog was pretty uneventful, in that it essentially amounted to: ‘we don’t have anything to tell you about next season or the fall expansion right now, but we will very soon’. After weeks of detailed, and at times controversial, updates that have dealt with the studio’s future plans for core Destiny 2 systems, it was, to borrow from my GamesRadar colleague Austin Wood, a “nothingburger.”

But it turns out ‘very soon’ actually means today. Not in terms of concrete details, that would be too easy, but the teasing has very much begun in the form of an ominous sound file posted to the developer’s Twitter account, which you can listen to below. 

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