‘Civilization 6’ PC Is Free On The Epic Games Store, Here’s How To Download It

The rumors were true: following the runaway popularity of GTA 5 on the Epic Games Store, Epic has followed up the giveaways with Civilization 6, the latest entry in the legendary 4X series. As with GTA 5 and dozens of games before it, there’s no strings attached here: all you need to do is redeem the game and its yours forever, even if you don’t download it right away. Not only are we all cooped up to some degree right now, the economy can make it hard to justify frivolous expenses. A free game might be just what we need, right now.

To download, all you need is the Epic Games Launcher, which you might have from playing Fortnite anyways. Just head on over to the store, where you’ll see the current free game featured front-and-center. Since previous leaks have turned out to be true, we can take a pretty good guess at what’s coming next: Borderlands: The Handsome Collection and Ark: Survival Evolved. That’s thousands of hours of free entertainment, depending on how you choose to slice it. You stand to lose nothing by just heading over and clicking the box, so I’d highly recommend that you go do it, even if you don’t plan on playing right now.

It’s another big one, in many different ways. You can easily lose weeks and months of your life inside of Civilization 6, even if series fans don’t like it quite as much as past iterations. For the uninitated, it’s essentially a history simulater: you choose a people (Romans, US, British, Chinese, etc.) and then begin in paleolithic times with a lone settler capable of founding a city. You then expand your civilization and research new technology until you’re all the way up to the modern age, crushing your opponents as the ages go on. It’s famously addictive, as well, with a turn-based format that makes it oh-so-easy to just click that button and see what happens on the next turn.

I had to uninstall it a few months after it came out, and that was before any of the expansions came out: it’s a much fuller game than it used to be, though the free version is just the base game.

It follows a certain sort of pattern with GTA 5, albeit on a much smaller scale—I don’t expect Civilization 6 to crash the storefront. But like GTA 5, Civ 6 is an older game with an active, dedicated fanbase and plenty of ways for the publisher to make money off of new players, even if they came on board for free. They’re also both from 2K, which doesn’t seem like a coincidence.

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