Amazon’s first PC game ‘New World’ is all set!! Know about the release date, subscription, plot and other important details!!

Fans have been waiting for Amazon’s first-ever PC game release. Ever since a word has passed on regarding the same, players have high expectations from it. After all its Amazon’s big-time release!!

Moreover, the game isn’t free. In addition to that, unlike most PC games, it isn’t a survival game either. Will it then seek recognition in this competitive field? Will it leave its mark on the players? Will it fit well along with other 2020 releases? Keep reading to know more about Amazon’s MMO.

As mentioned earlier, this game is unlike the other 2020 releases. In differs in a lot of many specs. Firstly, it restrains from taking place in space. Therefore, taking place on Earth, we witness all human activities. No magical hair, no magic wand involved in here!

Of course, it does have weapons. Weapons like guns, bows, swords where you need to be accurate and precise enough. Combating skills are going to play a major role here. Moreover, Amazon confirmed that over 1000 players can play at a time in the server.


The most-awaited game was originally scheduled to release this May. However, the release has been delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It is now confirmed that the game will premiere on August 25, 2020.


Certainly not! No subscription fee will have to be paid for the game. A one-time purchase of it will be good to go. Currently its $40 for the standard edition. However, rates may elevate with the course.


We’ve just got a tiny idea about the plot yet. You have an encounter on an island of Legend, Aeternum. The island gives shelter to magical minerals which empower and corrupt as well. Thus, you’re mingled in an atmosphere full of good as well as bad bodies.

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